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Venus Bolster Cushion – Gold

Venus Bolster Cushion – GoldBringing a new cushion into the interior can be a fast and simple way of spicing up your decor and creating a new look without having to make huge changes to your entire room. This Venus Bolster Cushion in Gold is the perfect way to bring a new style into your home without making huge changes, as it is capable of bringing a truly classy look to your interior all on its own. This cushion has a very unique style, and is capable of embedding that into your designs. The design is very elegant; it features a pleated sleeve which brings an honest sense of elegance to the entire piece, and the golden finish is a great way to top it all off. This gold finish gives a much brighter tone to the piece whilst also injecting a distinctive and prominent sense of elegance and class to the surrounding area. It is also an extremely practical piece which can be utilised in a variety of ways around the home. The cushion can be used as support for either the back or arms, and can also be used just as well as a decorative piece in the household. This gives a great sense of versatility to the feature, making it an extremely useful piece to have in any home. A welcome addition to any household, this golden bolster cushion is a fantastic way to bring a subtle hint of elegance and class to your interior.